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Album: Undercurrent

Artist: Matisyahu

  • Genre: Alternative
  • Release Date: 2017
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 8

  • Copyright: ℗ 2017 Fallen Sparks

Tracklist For Undercurrent By Artist Matisyahu

Title Artist Time
Step out into the Light Matisyahu 7:48 USD 1.29
Back to the Old Matisyahu 5:49 USD 1.29
Coming up Empty Matisyahu 6:15 USD 1.29
Bsp: Blue Sky Playground Matisyahu 7:59 USD 1.29
Tell Me Matisyahu 10:04 USD Album Only
Forest of Faith Matisyahu 9:56 USD 1.29
Head Right Matisyahu 6:51 USD 1.29
Driftin' Matisyahu 13:59 USD Album Only

Reviews For Undercurrent By Artist Matisyahu

  • Love this!!

    By d flak
    Finally something fresh, thank you Matis!! How did I miss you at Electricforest?, please come back to Michigan!!
  • His best album to date

    By cheer3010
    Matisyahu’s album is a true reflection of himself. It is refreshing to hear an artist stay true to himself. He creates his own sound from within and expresses it with his music.
  • Insane in the membrane

    By musicateer
    Absolutely amazing. So unique and unlike anything he or anyone is ever produced. Personally, I love the fact that some tracks are long and unfiltered like a jam session... this was the first album that he produced alone without any outside forces and it really shows. The band is brilliant and his lyrics and storytelling as well.
  • would give more stars if I could!

    By DJSkyhawk
    what a joy to listen to. I've been a fan for years and listen to him when i'm driving, hiking or just trying to relax, there's a song for everything. I Haven't found a song I haven't enjoyed and this album didn't disappoint. Amazing.
  • Love Matis!

    By ToddandClaudia
    It's a beautiful ride so good!
  • Undercurrent

    By GravyDan
    Undercurrent is an album comprised of eight terrific tracks that remind me of material from the Youth era. Unfortunately, the record suffers because the tracks are needlessly long. If the songs were half the length the album would have been a much stronger offering. Instead, the second half of each song becomes a tired and bloated jam session removing the emotional resonance from the otherwise strong melody and introspective lyrical content. Matisyahu is my favorate band, period. This is quality material and worth a purchase - it just could have been better as a 40 minute EP..
  • Soulful electric musings

    By lenmosk
    He's back. He's deep. He's good.
  • Return to Form

    By Wiz k
    Matis is an artist who refuses to go more than one album without completely reinventing himself. However, he has always managed to maintain a certain style unique to him throughout his entire career. Undercurrent might seem odd to longtime fans, with its unusually long tracks, but each song on this album has managed to remind me of a certain period of Matisyahu's life. Some songs lend themselves to Matis' first album, while some would be right at home on Spark Seeker. It's a very fascinating album, and as a longtime fan, it's been a real treat to listen to. My particular favorite is Forest of Faith (especially the powerful second half). If you're a fan of Matisyahu, I think you'll find something to love about this album.
  • Go back to Stubbs

    By DREAL77
    Mediocre at best
  • Hard left on Akeda...

    By Gamer4life72
    I understand why this album is rubbing some people the wrong way. It kind of takes the more trippy explorations of his last album "Akeda" and dives into them head first. It has moments that are accessible but it's really moments within the songs that are like that and not entire songs themselves. The first song which the first single is probably the most accessible but after the three minute mark goes decidedly dub psychedelic. The songs are long, trippy explorations into Matisyahu's stream of consciousness rather than catchy anthemic songs about unification and universal spirituality. That being said I think this album is great but it's not anthemic in anyway. It's more like a musical journey. Some may find it indulgent but I find it to be an inspiring album. It's just not the kind of album where you brag about songs on it. It's the album that you put on in the background where everyone goes "what is that?"

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