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Album: True Stories (Bonus Track Version)

Artist: Talking Heads

  • Genre: Alternative
  • Release Date: 1986
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 12

  • Copyright: ℗ 2006 Warner Records Inc. Manufactued & Marketed by Rhino Entertainment Co. A Warner Music Group

Tracklist For True Stories (Bonus Track Version) By Artist Talking Heads

Title Artist Time
Love for Sale Talking Heads 4:31 USD 1.29
Puzzlin' Evidence Talking Heads 5:24 USD 1.29
Hey Now Talking Heads 3:41 USD 1.29
Papa Legba Talking Heads 5:55 USD 1.29
Wild Wild Life Talking Heads 3:39 USD 1.29
Radio Head Talking Heads 3:32 USD 1.29
Dream Operator Talking Heads 4:38 USD 1.29
People Like Us Talking Heads 4:28 USD 1.29
City of Dreams Talking Heads 5:07 USD 1.29
Wild Wild Life (Extended Mix) Talking Heads 5:30 USD 1.29
Papa Legba (Pops Staples Vocal Talking Heads 5:58 USD 1.29
Radio Head (Tito Larriva Vocal Talking Heads 3:50 USD 1.29

Reviews For True Stories (Bonus Track Version) By Artist Talking Heads

  • Definitely not bad!

    By HBD22Tech
    I listened to this out of sheer curiosity, because Radiohead derived their name from a song on this album, but this is a genuinely fine album.
  • Underrated

    By KevinB_FW
    I tend to like "True Stories" (the album) more than the music reviewers do. Admittedly, I'm a big fan of "True Stories" (the film), so that is absolutely coloring my perceptions, but there's a lot of good stuff on the album. Some of my favorites: "Love for Sale" is a great rollicking opener, "Papa Legba" has a great groove, "Wild Wild Life" is a justly deserved hit, and "City of Dreams" is a great closer (one could make a really interesting compilation just using songs that David Byrne has done that are in some way about architecture and urbanism). Wouldn't call "True Stories" the best Talking Heads album, but it has a lot to recommend it.
  • The Actual iTunes Reviewer is High

    By Normalista
    True Stories is a very strong moment in the Talking Heads timeline of amazing rock and storytelling. It brings a lot of great music to a quirky town preparing for their "special-ness" for their sesquicentennial celebration. It's a fantastic movie and a wonderful soundtrack. It's tamer than some of their other stuff, but still a very strong piece from anyone's measure. The official review does not do it a bit of justice.
  • Bonus Tracks are the best

    By djbbjd
    I read recently that David Byrne may have regretted releasing the True Stories album with the band on vocals. Whether he said that or not, I will say it. I much more enjoy the tracks that were performed in the movie. There was also a record released as the "soundtrack" when the movie was around. I have the record but would really enjoy a digital version of the same. Beyond this, there are three tracks that I would like to hear in addition to the two wonderful bonus tracks attached to this version of the Talking Heads "True Stories" album in this release. I would like to have seen included the gospel group and preacher (sorry don't know his name of the top) on the song "Puzzlin' Evidence" The release also needs the kids version of "Hey Now" desperately. Finally, the John Goodman version of "People Like Us", which is on the Outtakes album should also be a bonus track here. The album without the movie vocals is okay, but not nearly as electric. It really lacks the soul and passion that the actors brought to the songs. Also, I can't seem to remember if City of Dreams was sung by somebody else in the film. I don't think it was. It had a nice steel guitar theme which really set the movie right. I'll have to go back and watch it on my VHS.
  • Best of the later Heads

    By Gubben57
    This album as does the movie "True Stories" deserves another look, a good long one at that. This album contains some of my favorites, Wild wild life, Dream Operator, People like us. I am thrilled that Pops Staples soulful version of Papa Legba is now include here. I bought the DVD of TS after not seeing it since it's original release and I have to say it is somewhat prophetic in several places. Maybe not best structure film ever made but filled with some good and funny performances and a touch of good American satire.
  • Why We Love David.

    By Mavhunter
    The bonus tracks serve to show us that yes, this was necessary. Love for Sale and Puzzlin' Evidence grab and shake you around right at the start, but Hey Now and Papa Legba lag a tad. Wild Wild Life is pure excellence, Radio Head (which did inspire that band), is a quirky, bouncy romp. Dream Operator slows things down with a beautiful piano that's slowly overtaken by Byrne and the other Heads. The last two are good, but really don't stand out. The extras are... worthless. The extended mix of Wild Wild Life is rather useless (as compared to the extended Television Man on Little Creatures), and the other two vocal versions really serve to show the justification for this album (rather than have just a soundtrack). John Goodman's People Like Us is on the Bonus Rarities album on iTunes, if you're interested. Overall, a good listen.
  • Great music, great film

    By radoyon
    The album has David Byrne's renditions of the songs while in the movie, the actors sang. Either way, they are great tumes. The movie is one of my family's favorites and the soundtrack is wonderful. My favorites include Wild Wild Life and City of Dreams. Rent the movie and enjoy.
  • Another Triumph!

    By wrenarf
    The soundtrack to what is, in my opinion, the greatest movie of all time! Before purchasing this album, I would definately recommend renting the movie! It puts all the songs into a context and adds a certain "je ne sais quoi" to the allready wonderful album. Even with out the movie, these songs show the strong lyrics, different melodies, and moving beats that the talking heads have become famous for. seven or eight thumbs up! It's A Wild Wild Life!

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