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Album: Remain In Light (Deluxe Version)

Artist: Talking Heads

  • Genre: Alternative
  • Release Date: 1980
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 12

  • Copyright: ℗ 2006 Sire Records. Manufactured & Marketed by Rhino Entertainment Group. A Warner Music Group Co

Tracklist For Remain In Light (Deluxe Version) By Artist Talking Heads

Title Artist Time
Born Under Punches (The Heat G Talking Heads 5:49 USD 1.29
Crosseyed and Painless Talking Heads 4:45 USD 1.29
The Great Curve Talking Heads 6:27 USD 1.29
Once In a Lifetime Talking Heads 4:19 USD 1.29
Houses In Motion Talking Heads 4:33 USD 1.29
Seen and Not Seen Talking Heads 3:24 USD 1.29
Listening Wind Talking Heads 4:42 USD 1.29
The Overload Talking Heads 6:02 USD 1.29
Fela's Riff (Unfinished Outtak Talking Heads 5:16 USD 1.29
Unison (Unfinished Outtake) Talking Heads 4:46 USD 1.29
Double Groove (Unfinished Outt Talking Heads 4:24 USD 1.29
Right Start (Unfinished Outtak Talking Heads 4:07 USD 1.29

Reviews For Remain In Light (Deluxe Version) By Artist Talking Heads

  • Worth buying

    By Too many jers
    My first music video that I have ever seen was Once in a Lifetime and I was blown away. The album has always been my favorite from the Talking Heads. I can never get enough listening to the whole album and it is worth getting the Deluxe Version.

    By DrewzertheAbuser
    It stood the test of time
  • RLittledale--This Review's For You

    By blues r us
    I loved your review of this album. I don't know if you were listening to music in the 80s, but if you were I'm guessing it was bands lilke Twisted Sister and Quiet Riot--am I right? Also guessing that if you are a US citizen and voted, you voted for Trump. Just a hunch.
  • Insane

    By OldGuitar
    This is so insanely good that it deserves 5 stars for side 1 alone --- even though side 2 isn't so great.
  • Lame College Indie Avantgarbage

    By RLittledale
    Sorry, but TH are hipster-avantgarde garbage. Byrne’s voice sounds as though he waiting for his Metamucil to kick in. He makes Geddy Lee sound like Frank Sinatra. The rest of the band play their instrument with the deft ability only witnessed in 8th grade jazz bands. Yeah, they are artists not musicians but art shouldn’t make you physically ill. Spare you ears the sonic torture… If only given the choice between New Kids On The Block and THs, I’d have to take NKOTB as the lesser of two evils.
  • Best record ever.

    By Jumblepop101
    The title says it all. The first time I heard this record, I was completely blown away, and I still am every time I listen to it (which is just about every day)! Every song is amazing, and the whole album flows great. They completely pushed the boundaries of their sound by experimenting with new sounds, but still managed to have a hit with "Once In A Lifetime." Something every music lover should own. Period.
  • Still genius.

    By Dieselman
    Complete, unadulterated genius. "Once In a Lifetime" of course, but get a few years under your belt in this life and the song hits home, hard. But "Seen and Not Seen" and "Listening Wind" are chilling, prescient pieces. Surely this is one of my ten desert island albums.
  • Unique Beyond Imagination

    By HeadspaceEntity
    This is one of the most startlingly "out there" yet strangely listenable releases to come out of popular music. I wish that more artists would experiment with African influences like this, and that Brian Eno would stay away from the likes of Coldplay for good! The primal grooves that Byrne and Co. create transcend any musical period. Songs like "The Great Curve" make me glad to feel alive. Plus, the bonus tracks are a WONDERFUL reason to buy this expanded edition - they're some of the best I've ever heard from any artist, and should have been included on the original album! A must-buy for any music fan!
  • Vastly Improved Sound Quality

    By RocknRollaCola
    I bought these tracks about 6 months ago and the sound quality & volume was terribly low & muffled >> like someone pressing a thick pillow over the speakers. I just checked the samples again & it sounds like someone has fixed this problem. The tracks now have a thrilling three dimensional punch that rivals the best quality remasters on iTunes >> Great job on this timeless, landmark LP!!!!!
  • Overload of Awesome

    By Nora Fagan
    This is Talking Heads' best album. Their mixture of funk, rock, and Afro-beat is just mind-blowing. The first track is just an overload of awesome.

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