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Album: Hymn

Artist: Sarah Brightman

  • Genre: Classical Crossover
  • Release Date: 2018
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 13

  • Copyright: A Decca Gold release; ℗ 2018 Nemo Studio and Sarah Brightman, under exclusive license to UMG Recor

Tracklist For Hymn By Artist Sarah Brightman

Title Artist Time
Hymn Overture Sarah Brightman 1:02 USD 1.29
Hymn Sarah Brightman 4:27 USD 1.29
Sogni (feat. Vincent Niclo) Sarah Brightman 4:18 USD 1.29
Sky And Sand Sarah Brightman 4:12 USD 1.29
Canto Per Noi Sarah Brightman 3:21 USD 1.29
Fly To Paradise (feat. Eric Wh Sarah Brightman 5:13 USD 1.29
Gia Nel Seno (La Storia Di Luc Sarah Brightman 3:09 USD 1.29
Follow Me Sarah Brightman 3:59 USD 1.29
You Sarah Brightman 3:30 USD 1.29
Better Is One Day Sarah Brightman 3:51 USD 1.29
Tu Che M’Hai Preso Il Cuor Sarah Brightman 2:43 USD 1.29
Miracle (Sarah's Version) [fea Sarah Brightman 4:52 USD 1.29
Time To Say Goodbye Sarah Brightman 4:15 USD 1.29

Reviews For Hymn By Artist Sarah Brightman

  • Great Music Lost Voice

    By Konfideinme
    We are now a few albums in that illustrate Sarah’s vocal decline. Hymn is a mixed bag of some really great concepts that sadly highlight Sarah’s broken voice that on most tracks sounds dry, throaty, and splintery. The best track is Follow Me which doesn’t push Sarah too fast or too high, the worst, the new interpretation of Time To Say Goodbye the climax of which is shrill and nearly unbearable. It’s time for her to suit her art to her talent at this stage of life rather than force a square peg into a round hole with all the sounds of pain to match.
  • Too much....

    By Boltfinger
    The sound is very over-produced. It's like their idea of epic is to have every instrument, voice, choir, orchestra, and treble levels play at volume 11. Way too amped up. That's not epic. That's a lack of control. I wanted to like this album but most of the songs over-stimulte my ears. Way too noisy. Way too loud.
  • Stunning

    By LandOfAustin
    A dazzling, soaring arrangement that carries you into the heavens. Gorgeous vocals, beautiful choirs, fabulous orchestral backgrounds. Perhaps her best yet!
  • una maravilla de arte

    By JonaMeGa
    un album que sobre pasa la expectativa y no era de esperar menos, todos los arreglos y calidad de trabajo en este album me han motivado a seguir creyeno que la música la verdadera musica aun sigue aquí para llevarnos a nuestras mejores fantasías y sueños Brightman es una gran artista que me a dejado maravillado con esta obra de arte ! Gracias Sarah, gracias.
  • Blissful listening

    I really like this new album, considerably more than Dreamchaser. Frank Peterson came back onboard as producer, and it shows. That magical teaming produces a very distinct sound, uniquely Sarah's. Here, the theme is joyful expression through song by choirs and multiple voices. That's why most of the songs feature a choir. It's so relaxing. I can put this on a loop, close my eyes, lie down, and feel like I'm on a cloud. As usual there is an electic mix of sounds- of fast and slow, of high-energy and relaxed, pop and classical. For me her best albums were in the late 90's and early 2000's. However, this follows closely behind those. Blissful and blessed listening experience! On a side note, the person criticising Sarah for using autotune quite apparently has no idea what autotune sounds like. I heard nothing of the sort on this album. To say there's a lot of processing is fair...but autotuned? Sarah's intonation at times is nowhere nearly as solid, which is part of natural aging, but she has always been on pitch and never needed digital manipulation.
  • Terribly mixed!

    By Cheeshed
    Horribly excessive levels of dynamic range compession; it's oppressive, like being constantly yelled at. What might have been a beautiful work has been made unlistenable. I bought tickets to the show in Detroit, and after hearing the recording am dreading having to go.
  • Another Brightman Masterpiece

    By OfficialSahand
    Sarah Brightman always has a way of transporting the listener to another world. Treat yourself and listen to this album from start to finish! From the tribalesque "Follow Me", to the tender recording "You", to the magnificent "Fly to Paradise", you won't be let down. All the feels!
  • WOW! Incredible!

    By bklynlen
    Had no idea this album would be such a Masterpiece. I was blown away. The new version of" Time To Say Goodbye " in English is amazing. production is masterful on this album. Sarah's voice never sounded better.
  • Auto tuned and overly processed

    By A. Non E. Mouse
    I used to be a big fan, but her work now grates on the nerves. I’m not sure what Brightman's voice actually sounds like anymore, as the auto tuning and processing is so extensive. I can’t help but think she lost her edge some years ago and is masking this with post processing.
  • Outstanding

    By Michael852
    Sarah is my number 1 recording artist so when I found out this album was out I downloaded to my iPhone and will be buying the CD also. This album is outstanding if know her music this is something you should buy. If you are new to Sarah BUY this you will love it.

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