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Album: Humble Quest

Artist: Maren Morris

  • Genre: Country
  • Release Date: 2022
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 11

  • Copyright: ℗ 2022 Sony Music Entertainment. All rights reserved.

Tracklist For Humble Quest By Artist Maren Morris

Title Artist Time
Circles Around This Town Maren Morris 3:15 USD 1.29
The Furthest Thing Maren Morris 3:54 USD 1.29
I Can't Love You Anymore Maren Morris 2:49 USD 1.29
Humble Quest Maren Morris 3:24 USD 1.29
Background Music Maren Morris 3:34 USD 1.29
Nervous Maren Morris 2:55 USD 1.29
Tall Guys Maren Morris 2:43 USD 1.29
Detour Maren Morris 4:07 USD 1.29
Hummingbird Maren Morris 3:19 USD 1.29
Good Friends Maren Morris 3:28 USD 1.29
What Would This World Do? Maren Morris 4:00 USD 1.29

Reviews For Humble Quest By Artist Maren Morris

  • MM

    By SundayFundat
    Used to love her music until she started airing her political stances…. hard to listen to her music now knowing how high and mighty she holds herself. She’s changed everything about her musical style too and not in a good way. This isn’t country at all for the record. Fame ruined her
  • Poor recording quality

    By BigFanThisMuch
    I couldn't get passed the sound and production. It sounds like it was recoreded at home on a four track and then passed through autotune. There just isn't the depth and richness of the first two albums. The songs seemed to copy styles of other artists instead of her own unique rhythms. I really want to like it, but I can't. I look forward to her next album.
  • Hummingbird

    By Tbk9.2011
    Thank you for that song. Hummingbird’s are a part of a favorite memory for me. And this song brought someone back for a second. Thank you.
  • 10/10

    By jessica216440
    I am so glad I bought Maren’s Humble Quest album! Love the songs. So honest and beautiful. She has a beautiful voice.
  • She never was country.

    By Sam the Cowboy
    Though better than Girl. It’s still not country. She’s claiming to be country and continues to put out pop music. Yet she tries to claim that country music is a sexist industry which is why people label her “not country.” News flash girl, you ain’t country because you use no essential country music instruments. Computerized pop beats, no steel guitar or fiddle. I can name several women who make country music as good as it can be. Ashley Monroe, Miranda Lambert, Hailey Whitters, and Kacey Musgraves(at least her 1st two albums). You need to gather facts Maren before you make an accusation. One more thing, judgement isn’tyours to give in the way you responded to Morgan Wallen. You don’t know crap about him using that type of language before. Forgiveness works to resolve disputes, but instead you chose to judge him and advocated to cancel him, which isn’t your business to do. I pray that you will one day you will learn the importance of forgiveness.
  • Fav album so far

    By Smurf Ghurl
    Personally, I love all the songs in this album.
  • Masterpiece

    By Jess516
    An album full of heart, with incredible vocals and stunningly relatable lyrics. She speaks to my soul with every album she releases! Still can’t listen to “Detour” without tearing up! 💙
  • Not so great!!!

    By Pookie7116
    This is not all that great. She seems to be the woos me. I am not into that and her music sounds more pop not country.
  • Maturing on her own terms, not for other people...

    By icybourbon
    I've been a Maren fan since her first record, and am a musician/audio engineer myself, so I listen with a critical ear to pretty much everything about a release. The one-star reviews here are clearly misinformed by a superficial dislike of A) Maren's politics and/or B) her refusal to stay in the 'country' box and provide something fit for a rousing night at the bar or on a boat at the lake, versus presenting material representative of an artist growing on her own terms as a mother and a wife with a different perspective on life since the release of 'Girl' a few years back. This is Maren's most mature record to date, and it's a breath of fresh air. The production is stripped down and organic, free of many of the added textures and elements that dotted her first and second releases. The crowd-energizing 'Circles Around This Town', and 'Nervous' are standouts, but it's the intimate, melodic, building tunes like 'Detour' and 'Humble Quest' that signal a new sound and overall direction shift on this album. Deep lyrics that probe the human/artist connection like in 'Background Music' may not grab the casual listener wanting to hear about 'beer for my horses' or 'sexy tractors' if you catch my drift. And honestly, that's okay. What makes this album more 'country' than most anything on country radio these days is that these songs tell stories... they're beautiful... they're honest.... which is what real Country music is all about. Listen... it's there.
  • Trash

    By maren_morris_sucks
    literal garbage 🚮

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