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Album: Emotions

Artist: Mariah Carey

  • Genre: Pop
  • Release Date: 1991
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 10

  • Copyright: ℗ 1991 Columbia Records, a division of Sony Music Entertainment

Tracklist For Emotions By Artist Mariah Carey

Title Artist Time
Emotions Mariah Carey 4:08 USD 1.29
And You Don't Remember Mariah Carey 4:24 USD 1.29
Can't Let Go Mariah Carey 4:27 USD 1.29
Make It Happen Mariah Carey 5:08 USD 1.29
If It's Over Mariah Carey 4:36 USD 1.29
You're So Cold Mariah Carey 5:04 USD 1.29
So Blessed Mariah Carey 4:11 USD 1.29
To Be Around You Mariah Carey 4:36 USD 1.29
Till the End of Time Mariah Carey 5:34 USD 1.29
The Wind Mariah Carey 4:38 USD 1.29

Reviews For Emotions By Artist Mariah Carey

  • Production is perfection

    By TheeNormaJeane
    This album truly showcases Mariah Carey’s vocal ability’s and songs like Make It Happen and To be Around You, uplift you and make you giggle with joy.
  • Favorite album

    By loomsls
    Has to be her best vocally, it’s unreal llamo. Emotions and Can’t Let Go are just amazing
  • One of the greatest records of the 90s

    By Lebanese_prince
    Pure music magic ✨
  • Love it!

    By Jervis Hidalgo
    Great album, we love you Mariah! #Lambily
  • This is very nostalgic

    By FunnelVidionFan
    Till the end of time is a winter song for me. Half of the songs in her albums are songs I only listen to in the winter. I even remember dancing to emotions in the basement with my cousins and brothers when I was 3 years old. Good Times!
  • one of my favs💖

    By uahksowondejw
    i love this album, i truly think it’s underrated. literally no skips !
  • GOAT👼

    Mariah is the voice, period 🎤
  • A Classic

    By EveO84
    Make it Happen and Can’t Let Go are my Fav
  • Solid Sophomore Album

    By najellin
    Overall, this album works better in the ballads then the fast songs, but it's not fair to judge altogether. Here's a track by track review: Emotions - fun and definately benefits from have C&C producing, but is oversung to the point of annoyance in certain sections (those climbs! what human can hit those?) And You Don't Remember - certainly an emotional improvement over "Emotions," this one is very poignant and sincere. Can't Let Go - the best single from the album, this one is a great ballad that still bounces enough to keep listeners awake who aren't paying attention Make It Happen - a song that will grow on you over time; at first glance this is simple, but is intoxicatingly fresh and inspiring after a few listens. If It's Over - simply put, this is a fantastic vocal performance even if its lyrics and musicality sound like they're from another time period (fitting that Carole King co-wrote) You're So Cold - interesting attempt at a dance song, this one is again is oversung, albeit a little easier on the ears than Track 1 So Blessed - this is where the album really starts to take a turn towards the best qualities in a Mariah track: the earthy vocals, simple yet effective production, shot-to-the-heart lyrics, and over-the-top theatrics that build from the slow start to the dramatic finish To Be Around You - the best fast track on the album, because it takes a simpler approach with more laid-back vocals that sit better on the track Till the End of Time - similar to "So Blessed," this one ups the ante by being more atmospheric and takes its time to really send the message to the listener; easily, the best song from the album. The Wind - a very mature song for such a young singer, "The Wind" was maybe too quiet and simple - it's perfectly fine, but rather simple and almost boring.
  • I give this one a 4.5. Prefer her debut.

    By Piñata Magonia Poppy
    I like this album. Mariah has surely grown as an artist and as a lyricist, and only in one year since her last album. She really came back on this one but it was, like another reviewer stated, kind of the same compared to her debut. But what I did notice was that with a couple of the songs, Mariah did a complete 360. I don't know what to name it, but the sound is a kind of elevator music sound. Jazz. I know a lot of people who say that Mariah Carey only sings the same thing with each song, and that is not necessarily true. They need to do their research. I noticed with this album the lyrics are much much more complex, as with her first album they were more simplistic (but still good). As an overall cohesive whole, I prefer her self-titled debut album. I didn't really care for the ending on this one, The Wind. I thought it was kind of strange. But I am not Mariah Carey, and I didn't make it. Overall, good but not my favorite. I liked Make It Happen and Emotions and So Blessed and Can't Let Go and And You Don't Remember.

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