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Album: Diabolos

Artist: GACKT

  • Genre: Rock
  • Release Date: 2005
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 11

  • Copyright: ℗ NIPPON CROWN.Co.,Ltd.

Tracklist For Diabolos By Artist GACKT

Title Artist Time
Misty GACKT 2:18 USD 0.99
Farewell GACKT 4:28 USD 0.99
Noesis GACKT 5:50 USD 0.99
Ash GACKT 4:32 USD 0.99
Metamorphoze GACKT 3:40 USD 0.99
Disper GACKT 3:27 USD 0.99
Future GACKT 4:48 USD 0.99
Black Stone GACKT 3:14 USD 0.99
Storm GACKT 3:41 USD 0.99
Road GACKT 5:06 USD 0.99
Todokanai Ai To Sitte Itanoni GACKT 4:38 USD 0.99

Reviews For Diabolos By Artist GACKT

  • Amazed

    By OutlawRaven
    Learned about Gackt through FFVII and I will say he is now one of my favorite artist. I am an English speaker but still the emotions in his songs still speak to me and keep me addicted to his voice. Wish iTunes had his newest album and the full version of Crescent but I am happy that iTunes has him. Thank you Gackt for singing and sharing your music with us!!
  • Awesome Album

    By Eien Blue
    All of Gackt's works are amazing. This one is no exeption. Crescent still is and always will be my favorite Gackt album, but this one is close second :)
  • My favorite Gackt album

    By Chibip6
    Followed by Crescent...
  • Gackt is great

    By rabidpandaren
    I loved this album! My favorite tracks were "Black Stone" and "Dispar." The energy in "Black Stone" really gets pumped up and ready to go in whatever task I'm doing at the time listening to it. I know it's spelled "Disper" on iTunes, but it says "Dispar" on the actual cover of the album... Anyway, I love the darker melody of that track and the lyrics are a little on the dirty side to match it perfectly. If you don't buy the entire album then at least buy those two tracks. It's Gackt after all, you can't really miss.
  • A Must Add to your jrock or Gackt collection!

    By Elf_Godess74
    I absolutely adore this singer's music and talent. Jrock opened my eyes up to music I had not opened my mind up to yet. I was already into imports from French (Tricky) and Brit artists, but Gackt was my first exposure to jrock and Hyde too. This is one of his better albums, and I hope to see more jrock on itunes! I would suggest this to anyone who likes music and has an open mind for all types!
  • Unique, Inspirational...ect....

    By khffotaku
    Gackt has always inspired me, and this album is one of my favorites. I recommend it if you're just getting into Gackt, or if you just like him! ^_^'
  • Gackt is Love!

    By PuffyStickers101
    This is an absolutely amazing CD! I listen to it always, and it's totally worth it for the price! (Though I do counsel, Disper is the total best!)

    By A Single Flower:Blue Wolf n Bird
    Gackt always and I mean ALWAYS amazes me! He goes from good rock n roll to some good pop. Although, this album is mostly rock, they are more softer songs (like Todokanai Ai To Sitte Itanoni...). Also, for you Gundam fans, "Metamorphoze" is from the Zeta Gundam movie (the music video to it has scenes from the anime). It's amazing how the tracks on this album flow into one another. For example, "Misty" is a instrumental piece that CLEARLY flows into "Farewell"! One thing is for sure is that Gackt knows what he is doing when it comes to music (he won the best Asian singer award)!! This album is flawless! Yeah, I LOVE IT and I think you will too, give it a shot!! One more thing, if you want other artists on here (like Asian Kung-Fu Generation, Maximum the Hormone, High and Mighty Color or Yoko Ishida), REQUEST IT!! ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS TYPE IN SOMETHING YOU CAN'T FIND (IN POWER SEARCH) , YOU'LL SEE IT BELOW THE SEARCH ENGINE. DOING THIS COULD GET ARTISTS, ALBUMS OR SONGS YOU WANT ON iTUNES, NOT TALKING ABOUT IT IN A REVIEW!!! THE MORE TIMES YOU AND OTHERS REQUEST SOMETHING, THE BETTER THE CHANCE THAT iTUNES WILL PUT IT UP ON THE STORE!! TRY IT IF YOU WANT SOMETHING ELSE, IT'S VERY EASY!!! I'II end this by saying thank you iTunes for bringing Gackt to the iTunes store!
  • Japanese Rock At It's Best

    By The Black Wolf
    While one of my preferred Japanese, and overall even, bands is Dir en Grey (also recommended, but you must be able to appreciate screaming to a point to truly enjoy their music) Gackt is still the best. 2 or 3 years ago, I imported this album with some Christmas money along with Mars after being given some singles from all of Gackt's discography, save this album, by a friend. Naturally, I listened to Mars first. It was great and I'd highly recommend it over Diabolos if you want to start with Gackt. (You'll find that Diabolos is easily his darkest and most gothic approach at music) Then I popped in this CD and was just blown away. I was really worried when I decided to get it too, but it has since become one of my favorites, far past Mars. Misty is a great opener followed by numerous excellent tracks. Disper and Future, to me, felt like probably the only real low points on the album, but they pick up really quick thanks to the wild Black Stone. Highly recommended. Check out Mars for starting and the Redemption EP if you like this album.
  • Indeed!

    By Winchester Chick
    This album is, no joke, one of the best Gackt albums in the world. Which is saying something- he's got at least 20 out so far. My favorite is Todokanai Ai- the music video is a-freakin-mazing in the best way that anything can be a-freakin-mazing. <3

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