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Album: 3 Balloons

Artist: Stephen Lynch

  • Genre: Comedy
  • Release Date: 2009
  • Explicitness: explicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 14

  • Copyright: ℗ 2009 What Are Records?

Tracklist For 3 Balloons By Artist Stephen Lynch

Title Artist Time
Waiting Stephen Lynch 3:58 USD 0.69
Fishin' Hole Stephen Lynch 3:54 USD 0.69
Dear Diary 1 Stephen Lynch 0:47 USD 0.69
Crazy Peanuts Stephen Lynch 3:08 USD 0.69
3 Balloons Stephen Lynch 4:04 USD 0.69
Dear Diary 2 Stephen Lynch 0:48 USD 0.69
Medieval Bush Stephen Lynch 2:38 USD 0.69
A History Lesson Stephen Lynch 2:32 USD 0.69
Dear Diary 3 Stephen Lynch 0:48 USD 0.69
You (Prettier Than) Stephen Lynch 2:56 USD 0.69
The Ballad of Scarface Stephen Lynch 4:48 USD 0.69
America Stephen Lynch 3:24 USD 0.69
Dear Diary 4 Stephen Lynch 0:48 USD 0.69
Hallelujah Stephen Lynch 4:44 USD 0.69

Reviews For 3 Balloons By Artist Stephen Lynch

  • Epic album

    By drummer/singer
    This album beats all of Stephens past work byfar. Waiting is probably my favorite song
  • Kinda Bummed Out

    By rushman007
    I bought this album hoping that it was like his other live albums. Unfortunately, it's all studio (except for one track), and it's not as funny without the audience response and interaction. Less studio albums, more live!
  • Save ur $$$$

    By Yourbarbe
    Do urself a favor, save the $$$$
  • Hillarous

    By sith78
    This is some of Lynch's best work, have all his abulms and will always love him. Had to make Hallelujah my ringtone for my wife LOL.
  • Disappointed

    By Digitaldan111
    While I have loved Stephen Lynch in the past, this album was a great disappointment. It just wasn't funny. It has great production qualities but it appears that Stephen spent all of his time on the quality of the music rather than writing his traditionally witty and funny stories. I am sorry that I paid $12 on iTunes for this one.
  • Sucked.

    By That One Other Other Guy
    Just kidding. This rocked.
  • Best Album Since A Little Bit Special

    By TrevM916
    I'm not going to make it any secret; I'm a huge Stephen Lynch fan. So, yes, this review is a bit biased. This album delivers on the expected Lynch tried-and-true shock value, but the lyrics are witty rather than just dirty. They're that, too, of course. But that's beside the point. The sound of the album is very polished, and sounds the most complete of any of his work since the demo Half a Man. These aren't just funny songs with guitarlines. These are legit songs. Though the songs may not be as instantly memorable as songs like "Special," "Superhero" and "Craig," the album isn't as hit or miss as some of his other work. Basically, if you're a Stephen Lynch fan, this album is great. If you don't know his work, this is a great place to start.
  • Not Lynch's best work, by far.

    By ConciergeMike
    I think I laughed twice over the course of the entire album. Not nearly as funny as previous offerings.
  • Another special delivery by Stephen Lynch

    By Suntop
    Almost everyone that is a student/fan of comedy agrees Stephen Lynch has talent and he knows how to use it. When I bought this CD I did not know what to expect, if it'd be along the lines of "Special Fred" or if'd be more using wordplay. I did not expect to get neither! Absent are the usual antics of pointing out differences in a satirical way or the often used play on words/word replacement. While maintaining a high enjoyment level of records past Stephen delivers a slightly higher-brow level of humor with chords and harmony far beyond his musical talent shown on total records previously. As with a few of his songs in past it is often as pleasuarble to listen to some of his songs for it's aesthetic value as it is for words. On this album the songs Hallelujah, America, and Medieval Bush. Another notable change from his past albums is it was done entirely in studio rather than in front of audiences. I admit this was a bit of a shock for me but this did afford him to focus more on delivery and use of some good session player muscian sound. For a man who can carry his own with a guitar and mic he certainly did not leave me wanting on this changeup. It leaves me waiting and anticipating for his next album and for me to hopefully see him live.
  • What a horrendous studio album

    By Schapsy2
    I'm a giant Stephen Lynch fan. I've introduced his last 2 albums to countless friends, and even had tickets for his upcoming tour before I heard this CD. But I'm sorry, this is an awful effort from him. Where his last CDs were performed live, showcasing his hilarious interaction with the crowd, this CD is strictly studio material (with the exception of A History Lesson - the one saving grace for this CD). And when he played live, he used to really rock, and the listener could feel him jamming on his guitar and belting out the songs. The lyrics to the old CDs were hilarious, but the music was enjoyable too. On 3 Balloons, the guitar is faint and uninteresting in the background, while he sings softly in a high-pitched voice over it. It's frankly very boring. The lyrics aren't even very clever, and losing the sounds of the crowd reaction has hurt him as well. I've been a big fan for years, but to be honest, this CD is just unimpressive. Buy A History Lesson, then go listen to his last two CDs - You'll be much happier.

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