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Album: 222 Live & Uncut

Artist: Patton Oswalt

  • Genre: Comedy
  • Release Date: 2004
  • Explicitness: explicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 2

  • Copyright: ℗ 2004 United Musicians

Tracklist For 222 Live & Uncut By Artist Patton Oswalt

Title Artist Time
Disc 1: The Hero Who Saves the Patton Oswalt 11:00 USD Album Only
Disc 2: The Villain Who Gets A Patton Oswalt 58:44 USD Album Only

Reviews For 222 Live & Uncut By Artist Patton Oswalt

  • Same as werewolves and lolipops

    By zeb007
    I love Patton he's hilarious but if you have his previous standup you dont need this it exactly the same routine.
  • Patton

    By jkammo
    Patton is simply the most insightful, intelligent, hilarious comedian around. His vivid descriptions, lush storytelling, and cutting commentary on pop culture and society are like nothing else out there. If you grew up in the same era, and lived in the same region of the country, his stories will bring back memories of commercials or movies and TV shows that you thought no one else remembered. I probably listen to Patton's various albums several times a week, but none more than this one, the free-flow of thoughts and the extended length (minus the edits from other shorter albums) really make you feel like you were at the show, including various interactions with the crowd and his drunk photographer. Absolutely essential for any true Patton Oswalt fan, or any fan of smart, insightful, intelligent comedy.
  • Great stuff, great bargain

    By DanStrong
    Someone complained earlier that this stuff was "too similar" to the Feelin' Kinda Patton album. That's because this is the original performance from which that album was cut. So yes, about an hour of it will not only be similar but EXACTLY THE SAME. That's kinda the point. If you're a Patton superfan, though, it's worth it for the extra hour or so of material here for $6. Get it.
  • This is Feelin' kinda patton unedited.

    By guywithabluebelt
    This is the unedited version of Feelin kinda patton. But you should buy this becuase you get more.
  • Great, but you should know...

    By AndyRich79
    LOVE Patton, love this recording. It's very good. But what is missing from the description is if you already own or have heard 2004's excellent "Feelin' Kinda Patton," you've already heard about 70% of what's on this recording. This is just that, only long-form and unedited. So this was a little disappointing for me. That said, this is cheaper than FKP and almost twice as long (just not divided into tracks). Oswalt die-hards probably won't care much, though. So this is basically "Feelin' Kinda Patton: UNCUT." All I'm saying is, caveat emptor.
  • Same as the other one...but great.

    By Jazoné
    I love Patton Oswalt and I generally can't get enough of him. This is a great deal, too, but be forewarned that it bears a striking resemblance to "Feelin' Kinda Patton." At first I thought it was just similar material which is not uncommon for comedians, but then there are some subtle things that sound exactly like the other recording. There's a bit more material, but it's much of the same stuff. Not a problem because it is great material. You might feel a little ripped if you have the other album, though.
  • wonderboy's finest is now here!

    By Smugthree
    Patton "wonderboy" oswalt is a comedic genius. i thoroughly enjoy werewolves and lollipops, my weakness is strong, feelin kinda patton, and frankenstein and gumdrops EP. he is my fave comedian. i call him because of his recent voice-cameo on the venture brothers ( favorite show ).
  • Bang For Your Buck?

    By Arbagast
    This is a bloody Buck Buster Ya Get The Car Keys Too deal!! Patton Oswalt is no "B" list Comedian. Patton Oswalt is funny, insightful, no word list ya can't hear loving guy! He's purty too.....Not in a gay way or anything...Not that I have anything against gays.. Ya know what I'm saying?...Sure....Joey Bag O Donuts will set ya straight... But that's another story...Great deal! Wonder who demanded this feal? Patton?.. i-Tunes?...The record label?....Well..since it's from 2004 AD..Maybe the Big Guy demanded it.
  • It's like if Lord of the Rings were edible chocolate...

    By JaeDWelch
    This is, as per usual, excellent stuff. If you're easily offended...well, I'm sad for you...and also you shouldn't get this album. But if you like Oswalt's cutting, intelligent, sometimes a bit random humor, this won't disappoint. Get this INSTEAD of "Feelin' Kinda Patton", as that album is just a cut down version of 222, with maybe a minor variation in how a few jokes are told. WIth 222, you get more to laugh at, and it costs less.
  • Patton Oswalt Is My Favorite Stand Up Comic

    By PK1957
    Currently the best guy out there. And this is some of his best and most classic work.

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