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Album: Older

Artist: George Michael

  • Genre: Pop
  • Release Date: 2011
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 11

  • Copyright: ℗ 1996 G.K. Panayiotou, under exclusive license to Sony Music Entertainment UK Limited

Tracklist For Older By Artist George Michael

Title Artist Time
Jesus to a Child George Michael 6:51 USD 1.29
Fastlove, Pt. 1 George Michael 5:24 USD 1.29
Older George Michael 5:33 USD 1.29
Spinning the Wheel George Michael 6:21 USD 1.29
It Doesn't Really Matter George Michael 4:50 USD 1.29
The Strangest Thing George Michael 6:01 USD 1.29
To Be Forgiven George Michael 5:21 USD 1.29
Move On George Michael 4:45 USD 1.29
Star People George Michael 5:16 USD 1.29
You Have Been Loved George Michael 5:30 USD 1.29
Free George Michael 3:01 USD 1.29

Reviews For Older By Artist George Michael

  • Older

    By bearlund
    First purchased when it came out in 96’ at age 15 and 25 years later I still listen to it from start to finish. Love this album and miss his incredible talent.
  • George’s Michael’s Underrated Masterpiece

    By AJLFX
    I listen to this album several times a year, at least. Throughout the decades, I have learned to appreciate the breadth and depth of what the Artist had to say, as I too, grew Older. George Michael’s genius as a writer, composer, musician, singer, performer, et al., got blasted to smithereens due to a time when the forced openness about his sexuality destroyed his career, and ultimately, the man himself. It was a fate he never deserved, and one that, in hindsight of the way he handled it, explicitly demonstrates how far ahead of the curve he was. As someone who witnessed that moment, I can state without hesitation, how desperately sad it was to be trapped in a time that would not welcome ones such as ourselves, in any way, through no fault of our own. We felt we were destined to remain lower than second-class citizens and outcasts, forever. Great pain and suffering often yields the most brilliantly bittersweet works, and that is precisely what this album is: decades of suffering, distilled into equal parts of sadness, despair, rage against the machine, god, death, afterlife (?), Love, and standing up for yourself. It’s the whole thing, wrapped in this masterwork. Ironically, for anyone who was really listening, he came out not with a bang, but with elegant music beyond compare; times with the first man with whom he ever fell in Love, and who died tragically not a few years later. He is named and described as such in the liner notes, years before his issues in America. Why no one ever made a fuss until America got involved, I still don’t fully understand. “Jesus to a Child” is considered by many to be among the finest pop ballads ever written and performed. It is, in fact, a song written about the gentle qualities of the man he loved and lost. It is about how growing Older allowed him to absorb both the pain and the loss, and yet recognize what a glorious and blessed thing it is to find someone, to Love them, and be Loved in return. It’s a sad truth that cannot be taught, only experienced, if one is so un/lucky. This is an album that declares the arrival of a mature artist, and a more fully realized human being, burnished by decades of: exploitation, abuse, self-inflicted pain (alcohol, drugs, risky encounters), the shallowness of those who sought his company and money (he gave away nearly all his millions to charities, and his royalties/residuals), and the endless loneliness he endured until his dying day: Christmas of 2016, the year we lost so many other legends of our time. Most of all, this album was ultimately about being saved by the loving grace of another. Someone who, despite their own equally tragic shortcomings as a human, pushed one another into vicious cycles of more abuse, drugs and power struggles. The album ends in a perfect loop. From the lovingly restrained despair of losing someone who meant so much, and gave so much, to moving on, as an Older person does, as Time draws ever closer to the end. The penultimate song, “You Have Been Loved,” is about appreciating everything a lost loved one gave you, and realizing how they helped you to grow, arguing with god and learning to forgive whatever that mystery is, and like a song before it, to literally, “Move On.” Lastly, it ends with a lush, noir-ish saxophone solo, with only a single lyric uttered at the very end, “Feels Good to Be...Free.”
  • Superb

    By capitalGmoney
    This is in my top 3 favorite studio albums from Steely Dan Aja to Pink Floyd dark side of the moon. George Michaels Older album really hits the soul. The tracks differ from sad to happy songs. Such a wonderful piece of musical art. It’s an album you can light candles and turn out the lights to and enjoy the amazing voices and instrumentals by yourself or with loved ones and feel like it’s speaking straight to the heart.
  • Older

    By John H Sconiers
    I have been listening to George since wham But this album is awesome the song Older is dark just as the song John and Elvis are dead very different but catchy This album shows his deeper side I love it You made the 80s what it was Thank you Mr Micheal You shall be truly missed 😔 RIP.
  • Don't miss out on this gem.

    By Storm trooper 52
    Have loved George Michael since Wham! and Make It Big arrived in the U.S. to the bouncy "Wake Me Up Before You Go Go". I thought I had covered GM's library from beginning to end. But "Free" popped up on my Apple Music play list. I had to pause and think "Where did that come from?" Surprise! My GM library was lacking this gem. If you have not listened to the entire album, then you have bypassed how the tracks are excellently woven together.
  • George ❤️

    By Lilah ❤️❤️❤️
    I love George and his beautiful voice! He is so beautiful and talented! I love you, George!
  • Amen perfect!

    By Alicemonsta
    Bless this man💐 This album has no flaws. It's sensual and mature and every mid 20s-older adult should own a copy!
  • Flawless

    By Samraj786
    This album is flawless n amazing , while most people loved Patience as their favourite of George's , this was my favourite of his , his music was extremely classy n every time I listed to it , it makes me feel like I was in some exotic location RIP George
  • Legendary

    By JCMoney07
    This album was purchased around when I first joined the Air Force in 1995. Amazing songs, he didn't shy away from his sexuality or purpose in any of his songs... I loved Wham but this album gave me a new respect for G.M. I have pulled this album out many times over the years but since his passing hearing it gives me joy and sorrow for a voice lost to us forever... Enjoy this album for what it is, from a man turned legend...
  • Appropriately Titled Mature Album

    By Beaux Luis
    "Older" is my most favorite George Michael album. With its relevatory lyrics set among engaging Brazilian bossa nova rhythms. The first single and opening track, "Jesus to a Child" is a beautiful and complicated ode to the transitioning of his Brazilian lover to that big devastating disease, with a small name, that defined a lot of the 80s. Its drone-like beauty was a worldwide smash while the now defunct Dreamworks Records struggled to get American radio even slightly interested in playing it. Once an MTV staple, MTV, sometimes known as the world's largest radio station, stayed away from the equally complicated but compelling music video. It was like "Fastlove", another provocative song and video, was the first American single. It wasn't. However, its well done visuals fit perfectly into the MTV mode so it did get reasonably good rotation. Still, programmers dare not truly listen to its lyrical content are it probably would have been banned. Nearly any sexually hormonal being that danced to it, especially gay men, found it to be anthemic. It remains one of my favorite songs and videos today. After "Jesus to a Child", it was the next video I played on Vevo's "George Michael Tribute". While nearly 20 million fans embraced "Faith" as their favorite, for me "Older" is the creme de la cre'. He became more than another MTV Icon (an award he should have won, if he didn't). Other songs like the title track and "Star People" analyzed what the word "superstar" had become. He switches back to his relationship with his partner in the beautiful "To Be Forgiven". From this album through "Songs from the Last Century" to "Patience" to his last album "Symphonica", we experienced life and growth with him. Once again, thanks to Oprah, more people became aware of what they were missing out on and the depths of his soul.

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