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Album: Lion

Artist: Stephen Lynch

  • Genre: Comedy
  • Release Date: 2012
  • Explicitness: explicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 26

  • Copyright: ℗ 2012 What Are Records?

Tracklist For Lion By Artist Stephen Lynch

Title Artist Time
Tattoo Stephen Lynch 4:18 USD 0.99
No Meat Stephen Lynch 4:12 USD 0.99
So This Is Outer Space? Stephen Lynch 4:55 USD 0.99
Lorelei Stephen Lynch 4:56 USD 0.99
Lion Stephen Lynch 4:08 USD 0.99
Tennessee Stephen Lynch 5:09 USD 0.99
Let Me Inside Stephen Lynch 3:27 USD 0.99
The Night I Laid You Down Stephen Lynch 5:20 USD 0.99
Too Jesusy Stephen Lynch 3:19 USD 0.99
The Gathering Stephen Lynch 3:29 USD 0.99
You'll Do Stephen Lynch 4:15 USD 0.99
Whiskey Dick Stephen Lynch 5:03 USD 0.99
Hey Love Stephen Lynch 4:14 USD 0.99
Lorelei (Live) Stephen Lynch 5:51 USD 0.99
Tattoo (Live) Stephen Lynch 5:49 USD 0.99
Let Me Inside (Live) Stephen Lynch 4:03 USD 0.99
The Night I Laid You Down (Liv Stephen Lynch 5:03 USD 0.99
Too Jesusy (Live) Stephen Lynch 5:00 USD 0.99
No Meat (Live) Stephen Lynch 6:44 USD 0.99
So This Is Outter Space? (Live Stephen Lynch 6:16 USD 0.99
Hey Love (Live) Stephen Lynch 6:33 USD 0.99
Whiskey Dick (Live) Stephen Lynch 6:42 USD 0.99
The Gathering (Live) Stephen Lynch 4:28 USD 0.99
You'll Do (Live) Stephen Lynch 4:54 USD 0.99
Tennessee (Live) Stephen Lynch 5:32 USD 0.99
Lion (Live) Stephen Lynch 3:57 USD 0.99

Reviews For Lion By Artist Stephen Lynch

  • Loved it!

    By ciicker1
    Really enjoyed the music on this album, it got me to pick up my guitar and start playing again. Also very funny!
  • Im Growing Up with Stephen Lynch

    By Jeff_in_KC
    I started listening to Lynch in high school and loved it but as i got older i had a hard time going back to those old albums, maybe just maturity i guess. I didnt find 3 Ballons funny BUT this album I found hilarious. All the songs were great. The most pleasing part was how actually musically talented this album showed Lynch is. All the songs were done well. Lynch is growing into a more serious professional and my tastes are growing with him!!
  • Less superficial. . .

    By Nick (unfortunate relation)
    I want to clue you in. . .The tone is part of the joke. Fans of comedy will appreciate it. Fans of Stephen Lynch will like it. Fans of Stephen Lynch in MENSA will laugh until the tears are rolling. Don't bootleg it. Support it.
  • Fantastic.

    By ballroombrawler
    If the apex of your creativity consists of eating corn to add color to your feces, there should probably be an idiot icon next to your review to let the world know that what you have to say is drivel. Were it not for the explicit content, the meticulous vocals and crisp guitar work heard on Lion provide what would otherwise serve as an aesthetically riveting entry into the Adult Contemporary genre. When one understands that humor, at its core, is predicated upon an unanticipated delivery of the unexpected, it becomes overwhelmingly simple to see the comedic genius of Lynch & Jaye. To simplify this premise for those who can't grasp this concept: Slow music + the F-word = funny The duo's whimsical melodies and seamless harmonization are just as beautiful as they are funny. Tracks like "Tattoo" and "The Night I Laid You Down" are intoxicating as any of Lynch's previous entries; a three year hiatus has allowed for a bit of maturation, not stagnation. This is fantastic showcase of all that Lynch does well, and the addition of Jaye allows both artists to shine. 10/10.
  • Crap

    By Louloulou1
    Too slow no where near as good as his last CDs
  • Awesomeness!

    By cbayer5585
    This album is awesome! Stephen Lynch consistently delivers good and ridiculously funny music. This album is a must buy!
  • Disappointed

    By lottadot
    It's slow. It's not as biting as prior cd's. If you listened to the samples of the tracks and asked yourself "what the heck?", then yeah, you won't be happy with this cd.
  • Lullaby for a castrated lion

    By Vertical Yoga
    Well, we have heard better and we have heard worse.... but really this put me to sleep. Warning do not mix Lion with valium! Granted you might have really funny dreams.
  • Not what i expected

    By kabelad
    well, i'll say this. i was expecting another stephen lynch album, in the same vein as all the other ones, and was pleasantly surprised when that isn't what i got. thinking about it, how much more of the same could i listen to, with his last album being a bit of just more of the same and it was starting to wear on me. it's nice to see his musical progression, and a little something more from him. maybe not as in your face as he once was, but more subtle and apt to jump on you when you aren't paying attention. bravo mr. lynch, it's an awesome ride.
  • Heartfelt and moving

    By Mahlberg Studios
    This album really pulls no punches. It attacks the heartstrings with no apologies. Half way through the album, I couldn't hold back the tears while relating deeply to stories of self-doubt, love-loss and melancholy racism. This album will forever be a part of my family's celebratory gatherings, as well as our times of sorry - like when they die and stuff.

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