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Album: It's All on You

Artist: Muscle Prodigy

  • Genre: Fitness & Workout
  • Release Date: 2013
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 10

  • Copyright: ℗ 2013 Muscle Prodigy TV

Tracklist For It's All on You By Artist Muscle Prodigy

Title Artist Time
Preparation Wins Muscle Prodigy 1:31 USD 0.99
What Are You Made Of? Muscle Prodigy 5:26 USD 0.99
Underdog or Just Prepared? Muscle Prodigy 2:54 USD 0.99
Silence Is Golden Muscle Prodigy 4:03 USD 0.99
Uncomfortable vs. Exhaustion Muscle Prodigy 6:14 USD 0.99
Work Ethic Muscle Prodigy 1:49 USD 0.99
It's All on You Muscle Prodigy 3:21 USD 0.99
Do or Die Muscle Prodigy 4:14 USD 0.99
I Will Be Better (The Comeback Muscle Prodigy 3:09 USD 0.99
Time Is so Precious Muscle Prodigy 6:18 USD 0.99

Reviews For It's All on You By Artist Muscle Prodigy

  • Hilarious!!

    By Dr. Feltersnatch
    “Your mind controls your world” haha! The thought that someone might actually listen to this to get their pump on is amaze. Anyone know when Tony Robbins album drops? So stupid.
  • Game Changer !!

    By Davegr8house
    I've been lifting for only a year. I had got to the point I was stagnant and lacked motivation. I train alone other than my once a week with a personal trainer. I always listen to my favorite music while training and that was a mistake for me. The gym is not for good time tunes. I come across Muscle Prodigy and I thank God for it. This is the kick in the butt I needed exactly. It's like having a training partner in your ear the whole time your in the gym encouraging you. This guys voice is my head pushing me to be better..but not just in the gym but in life. It's hard to explain. I'll even listen on the way to work sometimes. Sense Muscle Prodigy I work out harder and longer than ever. I purchased both albums and put on playlist and shuffle. I don't know who this gentleman is but I would love to shake his hand and thank him for pushing me to be a better me both in the gym and out...How bad do You want it!
  • ok it's just encouraging pep talk...

    By 🎵ITunes player🎵
  • The best motivation

    By Dracejr
    Love it!!

    By NoToR1oUs.D23
    This album gets me so pumped before a workout all great songs. It gets me extremely focused and ready to workout.
  • Great Album

    By Fjfjejkgk
    By far this is the best workout motivation I have ever bought. I Strongly recommend this to everybody. Good Job Muscle Prodigy!!
  • Awesome!!!

    By gsmack00
    Great motivation music!
  • Another great album

    By raysrock
    Best motivation out there! Buy this!

    By Rvargas00333
    I had first heard about muscle prodigy through YouTube and loved there videos, I would actually work out to them and wished they would make an album of some sort. I heard the Alpha album came out and immediately bought it and realized there was another CD released prior to it. Purchased this one as well and man can't thank these guys enough. The tenacity, the vigor, the hustle the grind you hear..... Man lets just say I have no BS excuses anymore best investment I have made in years were buying these. Great work muscle prodigy!

    By Xite303
    Lovin these songs man keep doin you!!!

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