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Music Video: Straight Through My Heart

Artisit: Backstreet Boys

  • Genre: Pop
  • Release Date: 2009
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Video Length: 4:31

  • Copyright: Backstreet Boys

Music Video For Straight Through My Heart By Artist Backstreet Boys

Reviews For Straight Through My Heart By Artist Backstreet Boys

  • the hottest vamps ever :)

    By Deaofly.
    I am LOVING this vid of course I'm a diehard Twilight fan too. BSB as vampires?! Totally hot.
  • love you!

    By PristineSugar
    I love you guys! so glad you are back. video is great.. but why the lesbians? still, you guys rock!
  • Backstreet

    By Sindari
    Okay, so I know they were never gone but still, they show they are bringing it strong with their new album and sound. Even with the new stuff, they keep their sweet vocals and moves; everything that makes the Backstreet Boys who they are and who the fans loyally follow. While all other "boy bands" fell away, BSB has been producing quality after quality music for years now. This new vid, I admit, kind of took me aback because the concept and style is not what I expected but that's just it, BSB is keeping it fresh and still manages to entertain fans, old and new. I love the rhythmic beats and electronica/club style of this song and their new album in general. I can listen to it all day...and I will. The Boys just keep growing and growing musically as they grow as people and I applaud them for expanding their sound and abilities while remaining purely BSB. They sound great LIVE cuz they can actually sing. I am so proud of them. Just listened to their whole album and am impressed. Can't wait to catch them in concert. Miss you Kevin!!
  • Basic Math

    By 3-6T
    Vampires + Backstreet Boys = Awsome!!!!!
  • Nick is back with a new look...

    By reality stings
    Nick is back with a new haircut, lean body, new attitude, same great voice. Way to go BBoys.
  • They have been around longer than alot of other recent bands.

    By Gigi 2
    These guys have been around for about 16 years now and they are still great. As for not playing their own music they do know how to play instruments but lets face it it's hard to dance and play music. I personally would rather see them dance. Also they have co-written and written alot of music to how many of us can say we have done even half as much as they have. Oh yeah and lets not forget they've been in tv shows and have done a couple of movies to. Plus how many entertainers now don't have big heads after a few years? Not to many. Sure they have gone through some problems but then they are only human. I miss kevin but he is doing Broadway musicals. I'm just glad that they are still togeather and they never stopped. Some groups break up and reform years later but not this group, even when kevin left they stayed togeather and still made music. This group deserves alot more respect than alot of people have given them. I'm glad they have a new album coming out. Get past the fact that they were a boy band and look at them know as a good group. We all grow up so accept it and move on.
  • Oh Tee Reviw

    By Tee Bby!
    To me personally i love the song but would i buy this video no because when i buy a video i want it to be worth the price. To me this video is worth 99 cents so i would just buy the song i like this song speaking of it i already did its amzing they are still trying to be hott again brian and nick still look bomb so thats a plus for the BsB
  • This video is awesome, and they're BACK!!!

    By Fer3333
    To be honest I was like "omg?! I thought they had quit or something." but after hearing the song first and seeing the video... I was speachless. It's s nice song, and I thought without one person they will probably sound weird, but they sound even better without the other member ( I can't remmeber his name, the one who used to had long hair.) so, I bought the vid. And it was the right choice, I can't stop playing the vid or the song. Plus they hot and sexy lol. And yes I'm a loyal backstreet boy's fan to the end....
  • Straight Through My Heart

    By Kim:)
    Love 'em, these guys know how to sing and dance. They look great on this video. I am a big time fan. I love their songs and videos. I will buy them all:)
  • Backstreets Back Alright!

    By MusikkLova
    I luuuuv the Backstreet Boys but I prefer their slow tracks A.J. and Brian are my favs.

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