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Music Video: Windows Down

Artisit: Big Time Rush

  • Genre: Pop
  • Release Date: 2012
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Video Length: 3:30

  • Copyright: Big Time Rush

Music Video For Windows Down By Artist Big Time Rush

Reviews For Windows Down By Artist Big Time Rush

  • Love big time rush but angry

    By BTR😍
    I hate how in this video some reviews say "not appropriate for kids" well if they want little people music go listen to Dora or some thing else not pop go to children music
  • Please Read

    By mrs.jamesmaslow
    This song is very similar to "Song 2" by Blur, but a while ago, one of the boys (I'm pretty sure it was James @JamesMaslow) said that they got premission from Blur to use the tune and Blur actually liked what they did. I think this song is amazing and they took the older song to a new level. There were a lot of effects in it, but mostly it's their real voices. I highly reccomend this song for School Dances, Parties, or just jammmin out!
  • Amazing

    By Btr roxs
    One word- perfection 😘

    By Kathryn 🎀
    I mean this song is about having fun. So they're in Maui HAVING FUN. Their not wearing shirts because its SUMMER AND THEIR SWIMMING. You all are such complainers. Screw all you stupid moaners. Irrelivent and invalid.
  • Cool!

    By Katie 9324 cool!!!
    I love BTR they rock. But this video is so cool!
  • Nominated for Popcrush

    By Kelicha Santiago
    What can i say other than my boys are nominated as best music video of 2012, soooo proud of 'em. •Rusher
  • Not appropriate for kids 9 and under (unless mature enough)

    By Worst app ever in history!!!!!
    They shirt less and jumping in the water, hanging with girls. It's boring, gross, anNot appropriate for kids 9 and under (unless mature enough). Ya
  • Gross

    By BrunoMars
    Put some clothes on this video is horrible I'd give dis 0 stars the Beatles are better :(
  • Both Sides

    By Strawberries2723
    I'm using a widespread unbiased thing here. 1) I checked and they do write their own music. I believe it's okay to make a cover with different lyrics every once in a while, considering that they've only done it once or twice. 2) I see a lot of comments saying marry me or so hot. They're pretty good looking but not models. (No offense but quite better looking than 1D) 3) I see a lot of comments saying two completely different things: "Not appropriate for Nick" or "They are for kids and their fans are all 10 years old. Now I'm speaking directly to you Annika, I am the same age as you and if I were to like them, I would say don't hate, elevate. If I were not to like them, I would say that they were untalented, ugly, or gay (which seems pretty sexist considering that being gay seems okay in this millennium) but they aren't any of those things. I'm not saying don't hate. 4) The more recognition you get, the more people want to tear you down. That's how it is. It always will be, sorry to break it to you rushers. People wait to watch you fail. They'll hope you fail. 5) Not liking something is normal, maybe it's not your thing, I get it. I'm not obsessed. However, hating and going out of your way to write a negative comment insulting the music group itself and not just the song, that would be a compound of jealousy and socially fitting in. 6) If any of you "Die hard 90's kids, let me ask if you like breadsticks" realized yet that if you hate something or someone famous just to be like another, let me say that hating mainstream is getting mainstream. Yeah. 7) My last thing: It takes a LOT of work and talent to get into nickelodeon! I BET if you google them and look for their filmography records, you will probably see other stuff. I don't like I don't hate But I respect That's all I can ask

    By buzzbeezy
    This is just a CHEESY version of one of my favorite songs! They just copied Song 2 by Blur which is an amazing song! About 100000000000000X better than this and it's stupid music video!

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